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FAQ: Which Oregon Hospice Programs Employ Doulas?

How do you become a hospice doula?

There are two paths you can take

  1. Become a professional end-of-life doula. Take the End-of-Life Doula Online Training. Become a Lifespan Doulas certified End-of-Life Doula.
  2. Personal enrichment or hospice volunteer. Take the End-of-Life Doula Online Training.

Does OHP cover doulas?

OHP covers doula support once per pregnancy for any woman whose benefit package covers labor and delivery. The standard doula benefit is four maternity support visits (two visits before delivery and two visits after delivery), and doula support provided on the day of delivery.

How much do end-of-life doulas make?

The hourly rate can be as little as $25/hr, or as much as $100/hr.

How much do doulas make in Oregon?

As of Mar 22, 2021, the average annual pay for a Birth Doula in Oregon is $37,975 an year.

Do you have to be certified to be a death doula?

No government certification program

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End-of-life doulas have no credentialing body, but programs such as those offered by INELDA, the Lifespan Doula Association and the University of Vermont offer training and certification.

How long does it take to become a death doula?

This part-time online Death Doula Certificate Course has a recommended completion date of 6 weeks from the start of the program, however, you may choose to complete the course in as little as 4 weeks or as long as 12 weeks, depending on your schedule.

How do you bill insurance for a doula?

The CPT code typically used to bill for doula care, 99499, is an unspecific code described as “Evaluation and Management Services” and can be applied to the prenatal, birth and postpartum periods when coupled with the appropriate diagnosis codes.

How do I become a doula in Oregon?

  1. Complete a Birth Doula training program.
  2. Complete the oral health training requirement.
  3. Email your THW certification application to:
  4. Complete your background check.
  5. Obtain a National Provider ID (NPI)
  6. Email your validation (credentialing) application to PSCS:
  7. Apply for an Oregon Medicaid ID Number.

Where can I find a doula near me?

How can I find a doula? The best way to find a doula is through word of mouth referrals. Additionally, sites like and list certified doulas by location.

Can you smell death before a person dies?

In general, death only has a scent under certain circumstances and conditions. Dr. Jawn, M.D. notes that, “for the most part, there is no smell that precipitates death, and there is no smell immediately after death.”

Do hospitals employ doulas?

Doula work is flexible, although the hours are often on-call, you can set your own schedule and work independently. Doulas are also employed in hospitals.

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How long is doula school?

Average Length of Doula Study

Typically, a birth doula needs to finish 7 to 12 hours of childbirth education, 16 hours of birth doula training, and attend at two to five births. A postpartum doula usually attends about 27 hours of postpartum doula education and assists two or more women with postpartum support.

Are doulas in high demand?

Demand for doulas is high, particularly since the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended that every birthing woman should have a doula. Doulas have a special skill set and invest a lot of time into each of their clients.

Where do doulas make the most money?

Highest paying cities in United States for Doulas

  • Los Angeles, CA. 8 salaries reported. $50.58. per hour.
  • Houston, TX. 5 salaries reported. $45.96. per hour.
  • Washington, DC. 5 salaries reported. $31.73. per hour.
  • Chicago, IL. 5 salaries reported. $28.95. per hour.
  • Denver, CO. 5 salaries reported. $23.01. per hour.

Can you make a living as a doula?

In North America a doula salary can range from $400 – $2000+ per client depending on the city, level of experience, skill set, and level of services included. Be sure to do your research on the norms for doula salaries in your community, including what new doulas charge compared to more seasoned doulas.

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