Paying for services

Frequently Asked Questions about Paying for Hospice Care

Note: The information provided in this FAQ applies only to payment for hospice and grief support services.  Other services provided by Compass Regional Hospice, including room and board fees at Compass Regional Hospice residential and general inpatient centers, are governed by separate and specific policies.  For more information about these costs, call 443-262-4100.

Q: What happens if a patient is under-insured or uninsured for hospice care?

A: Compass Regional Hospice accepts patients who meet the criteria for hospice care regardless of their ability to payn for services.  All clinical decisions for services will be made based on the needs of patient and family using agency approved policies and guidelines.

Q: Can Medicare or Medicaid be used to cover hospice care?

A: Yes, patients who are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid can elect to use these forms of coverage for hospice care when they are admitted to Compass Regional Hospice.  The payment received from these reimbursement sources will be considered payment in full for hospice care.

Q: What if a patient is uninsured or their private insurance does not cover hospice care?

A: Patients who are uninsured or do not have a hospice benefit will be responsible for paying for services provided by Compass Regional Hospice.  A cost estimate will be provided to patients and families before services are provided.  At the request of the patient or a family member, Compass Regional Hospice will access the patient’s financial status to determine the patient’s eligibility for sliding scale fees.

Q: What does Compass Regional Hospice look for when doing a financial assessment of a patient’s eligibility to pay for hospice services?

A: When determining a patient’s ability to pay for hospice care Compass Regional Hospice looks at a patient’s:

  • level and continuity of monthly income
  • debt versus assets
  • presence of life insurance

Q: Who can I talk to for more information about paying for hospice care?

A: Call 443-262-4100 and ask for the Billing Department.  A member of our finance team will assist you with answers to your questions about how to pay for hospice care.

Q: How does Compass Regional Hospice charge for grief support service?

A: Grief support services offered through Compass Regional Hospice’s Hope & Healing Center include programs for family members whose loved one has died under hospice care and for members of the community grieving the death of a family member or friend.  These services include individual and group counseling, school-based programs, spiritual counseling and support groups.  These services are not covered under Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance.  That means that we depend on dontations from the people who benefit from our services.  We also accept gifts from community members, whose financial support helps cover the cost of these vital services.

Q: How can I support the Hope & Healing Center?

A: To make a donation to The Hope & Healing Center, contact Kenda Leager, Development Officer, at

443-262-4106 or email  You can also make an online donation by clicking DONATE NOW and designating your gift for The Hope & Healing Center.